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At PHYTO-GENIOUS, we are dedicated to providing the highest standard in healthy aging solutions. We believe that aging should not limit anyone's ability to enjoy a healthy and vibrant life, and that everyone deserves to keep the sparkle within them.

With this goal in mind, our aim is to revolutionize the aging experience through the use of scientifically advanced products. Our products are manufactured in-house, at our FDA registered GMP manufacturing facility located in British Columbia, Canada. This ensures that our products meet the highest standards for quality and safety. The health and wellbeing of our customers are our top concern.

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FDA Registered Facility

The Laboratory

At PHYTO-GENIOUS, we have formed a seamless partnership with Innovate Laboratory to bring you the best in healthy aging solutions. The Canadian-based laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and boasts a highly experienced R&D team with over 20 years of expertise in genetics, extraction, drug development, and product formulation. The commitment to excellence, combined with our own dedication to providing the highest quality healthy aging solutions, ensures that our customers receive products they can trust.

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Biological Enzyme Catalysis

At PHYTO-GENIOUS, our Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is produced using advanced enzyme catalysis technology in an environmentally friendly extraction process. Our unique approach simulates the metabolic process of NMN in the human body by expressing in vitro enzymes that replicate the in vivo enzymes found within the body. This process is a significant improvement over traditional chemical synthesis methods, which are often cheaper but result in a lower-quality product with lower purity.

The enzyme catalysis method we use is not only safer, but it also yields a product of higher purity, with a level of 99.9%. This high level of purity ensures that our NMN is more easily absorbed by the body. Our commitment to producing the highest-quality NMN reflects our dedication to providing the best in healthy aging solutions.

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Vertical Integration

At PHYTO-GENIOUS, we take pride in ensuring the highest level of quality control in every aspect of our production process. From raw ingredients to finished products, we oversee every step to guarantee consistency and strict adherence to standards. Our products undergo professional testing and are expertly encapsulated, bottled, and packaged in-house, all while meeting Health Canada's production guidelines.


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