Clinical Study Shows NMN Supplementation May Improve COVID-19 Symptoms and Reduce Mortality

The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic cannot be underestimated even in 2023. With the weakening of the pathogenicity of Omicron virus, the popularization of vaccination, and the accumulation of experience in prevention and control, more and more countries have entered the "opening up stage". There is a tinge of relief, but at the same time, we must also start to pay attention to the strengthening of our own resistance in order to better resist the virus attack.

In the process of continuous research on the COVID-19, more and more scientists at home and abroad have discovered that NMN has an inhibitory effect on the new crown pneumonia, and it has been verified by clinical experiments. This article will sort out and share with you what role NMN plays in the COVID-19.

Chinese Academy of Sciences publishes clinical research

In April 2022, the Chinese Academy of Sciences team together with Peking University and Tsinghua University, published a clinical study in the international scientific journal "Cell Discovery": Supplementing NMN can improve NAD+ metabolism, immune response and cell death-related gene expression disorders caused by the new coronavirus infection, inhibit Cell death, significantly improving pneumonia caused by viral infection.

1. NMN improves lung damage caused by the COVID-19

The researchers first infected mice with a new coronavirus-like virus, and then treated them with NAD+ (1 mg/g/day) and the other group with normal saline. Mice were dissected on the third day after infection and compared.

Severe inflammatory cell infiltration, thickening of alveolar septa, hemolysis, epithelial damage, airway obstruction, and cell death occurred in the lungs of aged mice in the saline group. But in the group that added NAD+, the symptoms of lung inflammatory cell infiltration and airway obstruction were significantly reduced, and hemolysis did not occur. Symptoms were almost completely eliminated in young mice.

2. Improve the gene expression changes caused by the new crown

NAD+ "downstream" -- PARP family

The PARP family is a "big household" that consumes NAD+ and plays an important role in resisting new coronary pneumonia infection. After research, the expression of PARP family genes in mice supplemented with NAD+ was almost completely restored, PARP2 was down-regulated, and PARP9, PARP10, and PARP14 were up-regulated to maintain the dynamic balance of NAD+ in the body.

NAD+ "upstream" -- NAD+ synthesis related genes

There are three main ways to synthesize NAD+: de novo synthesis, Preiss-Handler pathway and salvage pathway. Gene downregulation of the salvage pathway was partially restored after NAD+ supplementation, but genes associated with de novo synthesis were unaffected.

3. NMN reduces mortality

Through a mouse comparison test, it was found that the cell death in the NAD+ supplementation group was significantly inhibited, and the inhibition rate reached 72%. In contrast, in the normal saline group, all died after 8 days of infection, while the survival rate of mice in the supplemented NMN group reached 30%.

The results showed that NMN supplementation could not only reduce the inflammatory damage in the lungs, inhibit cell death, but also reduce the mortality of infected animals.

4. NMN improves metabolic disorders caused by COVID-19

The study found that the levels of metabolites changed in mice infected with COVID-19, with 22 up-regulated and 53 down-regulated. However, in mice supplemented with NMN, 23 of the 53 downregulated metabolites were improved, with increased levels of NAD+, NMN, NR, and NAM.

The results showed that NMN supplementation could restore the effects of COVID-19 on metabolites, including pyruvate, fumarate and malate, tryptophan, kynurenine and glucose in the citric acid cycle, thereby partially ameliorating the effects of COVID-19 infection. Metabolic disorders.

This preclinical study by the research team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences not only proved once again that NMN can treat new coronary pneumonia, but also strengthened its persuasiveness.

Based on the good performance of NMN in reducing the pathological damage and even death of the lungs of mice infected with the new coronary pneumonia virus, NMN may be used in clinical trials to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia in the future.


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